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Attack on children and the elderly in Russia likely to prompt the US and Great Britain to intervene

House burned in past attack on Jehovah's Witnesses by Russian Federation

The United States and Great Britain are being urged by international leaders to intervene in Russia through the United Nations, as attacks against children, the elderly, and mothers who are part of the religious minority group of Jehovah's Witnesses intensifies.

Instigated by the Russian Orthodox Church backed by President Vladimir Putin, the founding members of the UN, are now being urged to quickly intervene.

KGB-like raids were carried out against Jehovah's Witnesses across Russia, on Tuesday Reuters confirms.

According to the report, "masked law enforcement officers carried out mass raids...and made a number of arrests as part of a new criminal case."

According to Reuters, the "law enforcement agency stated that they suspected the Christian denomination was organizing the activity in Moscow of its national center and affiliates."

The report continues, "Yaroslav Sivulskiy, a spokesman for the European Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses, denied the center had resumed its activity and said the group was being targeted in a campaign of persecution."

In 2017, the Russian Supreme Court labeled the activity of teaching the bible and reading it as extremist, and have engaged in persecuting, torture and arrest of even small children and the elderly, instigated by the Russian Orthodox Church, of which President Vladimir Putin is an active member.

"It's time that the founders of the United Nations, namely, the United States and Great Britain act swiftly to censor Russia and once and for all act to remove the terrorist threat of religious organizations who hide behind religion and use it as a tool of terrorism and torture on non-violent and peace-loving minority groups like Jehovah's Witnesses," states Court Magazine Chief Investigative Reporter Joseph Bonner.

He adds, "the Russian Orthodox Church leaders are certainly not the only ones using threats and terrorism to target the religious minority. That is why it's vital that the founder of the United Nations, the United States, and Great Britain quickly condemn Russia by employing international laws and orders established at multiple UN General Assembly meetings, and carry out their God-given responsibility to end suffering and bring peace for millions all over the world who are targets of religious extremist activity by the religious majority groups, like the Russian Orthodox Church."

Bonner details a forceful legal action plan to counter religious-inspired violence while simultaneously improving the economic stability of world leaders. Full Report Here:

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