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Video: 7-year-old girl attacked by group of kids 3 days in a row talks of suicide

A 7-year-old girl attending Whittier Elementary in Kansas City, Missouri, has been attacked multiple days in a row resulting in numerous scratches and bruises, leaving the young girl fearing for her life and talking about suicide, according to the girl's grandmother, Krista Cunningham.

Ka'Miya sustained multiple injuries this week, resulting from attacks by a group of students three days in a row.

In a video shared by Ka'Miya's mother, Krystyl, who served in Afghanistan, Ka'Miya can be heard telling her mom that she wants to hurt herself and that she did not understand why the kids were picking on her.

One neighbor and Ka'Miya's bus driver confirmed the attacks to Ka'Miya's mother, Krystal Dulle, and revealed that at least one of the incidents was viewed by school staff who allegedly did nothing to protect her.

The neighbor reportedly reached out to the school principal and alleged that the principal told her that she was lying.

Ms. Cunningham describes Ka'Miya as a very sweet girl who is continually giving to others who have less than her. Ms. Cunningham is growing increasingly concerned now that Ka'Miya has revealed that she is contemplating suicide.

We have reached out to Kansas City Public Schools about the incident and have not heard anything back as of yet.

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