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Woman banned from school after she asked school district to investigate a teacher bullying her child

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

MISSISSIPPI: Tiffany Curry picked her daughter up from school last week and noticed that she held her head down and was not talking. When Tiffany asked her 12-year-old daughter Mercedes what happened, Mercedes told her that her teacher Mrs. Misty Wright called her "Twitter Dumb."

Mr. Curry went to the school the following day to speak with the Principal at Batesville Junior High School but felt like the Mrs. Pope was not taking the incident seriously and headed to the Batesville School District where she spoke with Dr. Jamone Edwards who suggest that her child may be lying.

When she arrived at the school later that day to pick up her children, she spoke to school principal Dr. Reed, who informed her that she was banned from the school.

Following the incident, Mercedes began hurting herself and expressed suicidal thoughts to her mother.

"This mother did everything right," a representative from the Bully Avengers Anti-Bullying Program asserted. "She followed through and did not give up when she felt like she was not being taken seriously. Dr. Edwards should have investigated the bullying incident instead of implying that the child may be lying without reviewing any of the child's school records. The school not only failed this student but also her mother and need to do more to ensure that parents who report bullying are not bullied by school districts and staff. A parent should not fear retaliation against themselves and their families. This is unacceptable."

The mother is mainly concerned that being banned from the school where her four other children attend would prevent her from being available to her children in the case of an emergency.

We have reached out the to Batesville Junior High School and the Batesville School District for comment but have not heard anything back as of yet.

Teacher accused of bullying Mercedes

Dr. Edwards who is allegedly responsible for banning Ms. Curry after she reported her childs bullying. Photo: Batesville School District

In a post that was deleted by Facebook, Ms. Curry expressed the importance of standing up for children who do not have the experience or ability to fight on their own. Facebook penalized her for this post by suspending her account for 3 days.

Mercedes slept with knife under her pillow and began talking about suicide after the incident

"It breaks my heart to see a major social media platform like Facebook ban such an important post." a representative from the Bully Avengers Anti-Bullying Program asserted. "Facebook took a direct stand against this mothers efforts to protect her child from bullying and have shown by this that they are either not willing or not knowledgeable enough to truly be a part of the solution. No matter if it was taken down by a person or an algorithm, Facebook needs to do better. "

To report your child's bullying and get help, please reach out to the Bully Avengers please visit

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