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Proceeds donated to the Bully Avengers are used in 4 key ways

  • To provide intervention support to youths and adults being bullied at school or work throughout the United States.

  • To provide re-location assistance to women and children impacted by domestic violence.

  • To operate the Bully Avengers Kids Help Line dedicated to helping kids talk through life challenges. 

  • To oversee BA operations in the United States. 


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Our goals is to help 100 Schools Stay Safe in 2023 by hosting a Bully Avengers event for the 2022/2023 school year. You can now sponsor a Bully Avengers Anti-Bullying event for a local elementary, JR High or High School in the United States when you pledge to the Bully Avengers.


Chose a BA event from our list: All youths will be trained as Bully Avenges and receive a Bully Avengers Licence with sponsor logos and contact information.


Since 2019 the Bully Avengers has been committed to providing Bully intervention support to youths, parents and educators to support a safe learning environment and works at establishing preventative measures to counter school violence and youth suicide. As an experienced journalist, I know all to well the devastation that Bullying has on the local and national community. As a former youth counselor and educator, I also know the ins and outs of school workings and have worked hard to create a program designed to inspire change and build a strong sense of community and accountability on the school campus. After pledging, the Bully Avenges will contact your school of choice to set up the event.


You can send all company info to be added to BA Kids Licence each student will receive at the event. You can contact the Bully Avengers at



BULLY AVENGERS interactive school programs provides intervention training and support for youths and educators and helps to create a safe and inclusive school environment where respect and kindness are fostered. 

In that bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn, we find at the Bully Avengers that the best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. 

Training school staff and students to prevent and intervene in bullying help sustain bullying prevention efforts over time and creates a positive learning environment of students and staff alike.  


Our school events help prevent bullying by encouraging youths to be leaders in the community. During our event we provide the following guide for youths and educators. 

  • Role model respect, inclusion, and cooperation.

  • Talk about the program’s guiding principles and mission.

  • Have clear processes for how to resolve conflicts and follow them. Review the processes with participants and families.

  • Have a written bullying prevention ‘code of behavior’ that everyone signs. It should be posted in a public place with signatures. Review it regularly with everyone involved.

  • When bullying happens, separate and support all involved; speak to each individual privately to find out what happened.

  • Add activities into the program that help youth reflect on their experiences. This can help children learn how to think about things from different points of view.

  • When issues come up, discuss them with the whole group (as appropriate). Relate them to the program’s guiding principles and codes of conduct.


new study by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and PwC into the real cost of bullying found 45 million incidents of bullying behaviour occur in Australian schools each year, affecting some 900,000 students. 

The economic impact cost some $2.3 billion per school year group. This cost directly impacts the type of education our youths receive during the school year, and impacts school resources and the quality of educators staffing our schools. 

It is therefore a community issue that can be properly addressed when bullying intervention becomes a rule instead of an exception. 

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